John H. Trestrail III, BS Pharm, FAACT, DABAT-E

Forensic & Clinical Toxicologist

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The 1910 Poisoner Case of Hawley Harvey Crippen, MD, London, England

poisoning murder!  - Victim dismemberment!


Flight from justice! - Trial of the Century!


For the time, this 1910 London poisoning murder, was the “murder of the Century”, and remains the most famous case in British murder investigation, second only to those of “Jack-the-Ripper.  Because of the results of our DNA project, we have now unquestionably proven that Hawley Harvey Crippen was convicted and executed in error!  It is hoped that his remains will eventually be moved from the grounds at Pentonville Prison in London, to be re-interred in the Crippen family plot in Coldwater, Michigan.  Attempts continue to get his murder conviction overturned.  Our research project has been documented in a PBS special:“Secrets of the Dead: Executed in Error”.


Crippen hangs